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We provide care and support to people who, for whatever reason, can benefit from such help. It may be that people can be helped to stay in familiar surroundings at home rather than go into a residential home. It may also be that people simply want to improve their quality of life by making things easier. 

While providing personal and practical assistance we also remain aware that people also have their own personal circumstances and personal background that is the context in which we provide that assistance. Our clients can be of any age over 18 but all have either a mental or physical difficulty that results in them facing difficulties regarding daily living. 

We believe that by making sure that the way we do our work reflects our values, you will receive a better service. It is our hope that this practical application of human values and principles results in an agency and service that feels ‘different.’  We then will have created a real choice for people seeking Care and Support.

We go ‘beyond the tasks’ and help people live the life they want; despite the personal issues they face. Having fun, enjoying social activities, maintaining relationships, and achieving personal goals are aspirations we all have.

The broad purpose of Care in Wales Ltd is to provide personal and practical assistance to people who are facing personal or practical difficulties.  We do this so that people’s quality of life in their own home may be improved. The people we help (our clients and their families) fall into three categories:    

  • Younger people who may have physical or mental difficulties, or who may have poor health, but who also wish to maintain and develop their social life.

  • Older people who may also experience similar issues, in their case possibly including dementia, but whose priorities could be different to those of younger people.

  • Family and friends who are the main carers of people facing difficulties and who need a break from their responsibilities.



The Care in Wales Ltd Mission:

Care in Wales aims to ensure that people receiving social care can enjoy the good things in life.

The Care in Wales Ltd Vision:

That all people receiving social care enjoy their lives.

Care in Wales provides personal care and practical help to people in their own home so that they are comfortable, remain independent and have peace of mind.



Benefits (Outcomes) we aim to bring: Comfort, Independence and Peace of Mind. 
In order to provide these benefits, we work to fulfil the following Aims:

  • To help people gain physical and mental strength. (Comfort and Independence).

  • To help people maximise their abilities, regain lost skills and find practical solutions to practical problems. (Independence)

  • To provide all services in a way that is caring, knowledgeable, creative, respectful, and reliable. (Peace of Mind)



To fulfill the Aims we provide certain Services in a manner that is in keeping with our Beliefs.

  • We believe that people using our services are not defined by their frailty, their illness or the disability they face. They are defined by the content of their character and their unique personal history. Their frailty, illness or their disability is but a part of that history.

  • We believe that people want to have a decent quality of life (Comfort), want to have a sense of achievement (Independence) and want to feel safe (Peace of Mind).


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