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For you … There can be many reasons why life is not easy or comfortable.

Maybe you are young and have a physical disability or are not as young as you were and practical tasks are difficult or impossible. We can help with getting up, going to bed, bathing, taking medication, shopping, managing your home, applying creams and anything else you need.

Care in Wales Ltd can find out exactly what your personal circumstances are so that you can enjoy as much Comfort as possible.

For your family … Being a family carer can be exhausting work. Life can be hectic – especially if you are also working – and can drain you of energy

Care in Wales Ltd can provide you with ‘time off’ so that you can have a social life of your own, or simply time to relax in Comfort and re-charge your batteries. We can provide care for your relative on a regular or ad hoc basis, overnight or for weekend breaks and other holidays – whatever you want.


For you … Care in Wales Ltd can protect your Independence by providing all the care and support you need to stay in your familiar home, with your own possessions and memories.

We can also help you do as much as possible for yourself. For example, you may wish to relearn or regain skills after an illness or learn new ways of getting around a disability. We can also help you develop an independent social life – especially if you are a young person with physical disabilities who finds it difficult getting about and wants to have fun!

For your family … Providing care for a relative, although done willingly, can become a dominating issue. Everyone, though, as well as enjoying family life, also has a need to develop and enjoy an independent life pursuing their own passions and interests.

Care in Wales Ltd can help give you the opportunities to enjoy your Independence, confident that your relative is well looked after.


For you … As we become frail or lose the strength we once had, we can experience all sorts of worry – What if I fall in the shower? What if I need to get out of bed? What if I need to get to a phone?

Care in Wales can help in all sorts of ways so that the fear goes – and your confidence grows. Maybe it’s the night time that worries you most; We can provide someone to stay all night who can give you Peace of Mind till morning.

For your family … Having a relative you care for is always a cause of worry – especially when they can be confused, as with dementia, or have long-term needs, as with learning disabilities.

Our approach means that your Peace of Mind comes from the knowledge that Care in Wales sees its role as an extension of the family, working not in isolation but with you to provide creative and flexible support when you need it most.

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