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Care in Wales provides personal care and practical help to people in their own home so that they are comfortable, remain independent and have peace of mind.

Our Story

We provide care and support to people who, for whatever reason, can benefit from such help. It may be that people can be helped to stay in familiar surroundings at home rather than go into a residential home. It may also be that people simply want to improve their quality of life by making things easier.

We aim to ensure that people receiving social care can enjoy the good things in life.

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In over 25 years of working with homeless people in England and Wales I learned much – including the importance of keeping the focus on people rather than policy and procedure.


Over the past 12+ years I have been in the care sector, we have been concentrating relentlessly on the people receiving care and the people providing that care – two parties coming together. The over-riding concept is therefore not ‘What is in the Care Plan?’ but ‘What does one person do for another?’.


My greatest thrill is when I ask people how their care is going, and their response is: “It’s excellent – and the carers are wonderful”.

Stephen Gamgee,
Director/Responsible Individual


"Most of my experience has been top class, I cannot believe how young the carers are and how professional and caring they are. I take my hat off to them. Well done Care in Wales."

AG (Care in the Vale client)

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