Our Values

As an organisation, there are certain characteristics that we value. They come together to form our personality. People are recruited because they share these characteristics or values and we try to ensure that all that we do is consistent with them. We hope that all who come into contact with us get a sense of our personality because the values are felt to be real, deeply held and consistently applied. Please see below for more information on our values.

  • Humanity
  • Common sense
  • Creativity
  • Positivity
  • Teamwork
  • Loyality

Our Senior Management

Our approach is to have ‘leaders’ rather than ‘managers’. Leaders liberate their staff, managers control them. All staff are therefore freed from restrictive control and are trusted to be wise decision makers

Meet our managers

Isabel Miller

Registered Manager

Stephen Gamgee

Managing Director

Do you want to arrange care for someone? If so, please ring the branch where they live to discuss their requirements.

Working for us

There are thousands of care staff in Wales – and therefore a huge amount of experience, which is usually regarded as a ‘good thing’. However, we at Care in Wales believe this is not necessarily the case – lots of bad experience is certainly not a ‘good thing’!
Our Care Assistants are all recruited because they are ‘The Right Fit’. We will search for people who demonstrate that they have Humanity, Common Sense, Positivity, Flexibility, Creativity and a sense of Loyalty.

Work for us