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Dementia-friendly Pub Call

A drive to make pubs, restaurants and cafés across the UK more dementia-friendly has been launched by experts researching the impact of ageing.

The University of Stirling’s internationally-renowned Dementia Services Development Centre has developed a scheme that will encourage pub and restaurant owners to make adaptations for people with age-related degenerative conditions.

To support this, they have launched a new tool with guidance and advice to help pubs and restaurants to make small changes which make a real difference. The Environments for Ageing and Dementia Design Assessment Tool (EADDAT) can be used by pubs and restaurants to understand how their space can be more supportive for people living with dementia.

The voluntary scheme will make the spaces more accessible to people with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s so that they can enjoy going out with their families and carers.

To find out more about EADDAT and how it can work for your business, contact DSDC at


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